April 2016
Co-op Matters

Thanks for your Service!

AFC Employees are recognized with Certificate of Service Awards.

Each year at Alabama Farmers Cooperative’s Annual Meeting, Co-op members and AFC employees are recognized for their years of service with Certificate of Service awards. The awards were presented by Mike Tate, newly elected Chairman of AFC’s Board of Directors, left, and AFC President Rivers Myres, right.

Charles Storie, left, upon his retirement accepts his 40 year Service Award from Eddie Robert, Vice President of AFC FF&H. Charles drove a truck during his early years of employment and later became a warehouse worker in the chemical department. At the time of his retirement, he is the warehouse foreman.   35 Years: John Curtis – General Manager, Limestone Farmers Cooperative
35 Years: Tina Johnson – AFC Vice President Human Resources; Derrick Reyer – AFC director of Hardware (not pictured).   30 Years: Todd Lawrence – General Manager, Farmers Cooperative Inc.
20 Years: Rivers Myres – AFC CEO and president   20 Years: Todd Booker – Manager, Atmore Truckers Association.
20 Years: John Sims – AFC FFH sales rep; Phil James – AFC Grain (not pictured).   15 Years: Cole Gilliam – Tuscaloosa Farmers Cooperative.
10 Years: David Lassiter – Manager, Andalusia Farmers Cooperative.   10 Years: Jessica Steward – Manager, Winston Farmers Cooperative.
10 Years: Kenneth Waters – General Manager, Farmers Cooperative Market.   10 Years: Eddie Roberts – AFC Vice President FFH
10 Years: Chris Wisener – AFC FFH sales rep;
Jerry Ogg – AFC director of TBA (not pictured)
  5 Years: Randy Anderson – AFC Grain; Lloyd Nelms – General Manager, Jackson Farmers Cooperative (not pictured).