April 2014
Youth Matters

Pearl Haskew Elementary School Students Learn Small Actions Can Add Up

Pearl Haskew Elementary School located in Irvington in Mobile County welcomed Alabama People Against A Littered State Clean Campus Program to their school. PALS believes schools and students have the greatest single impact on tomorrow’s environment. By teaching children to be good stewards of their environment, we ensure our preservation for the future.

Students at Pearl Haskew Elementary School learn that not littering is something they can do to be good stewards of their environment.  

As PALS Clean Campus Educator, I spoke with the students about littering, recycling and their carbon footprint. My message was to think before you let the next piece of litter get out of hand. Remind yourself that not littering may be one small action, but it’s something you can do … and small actions do add up. Students were shown how litter affects wildlife and marine life. The students followed the life of a piece of litter!

PALS is excited about partnering with Pearl Haskew Elementary School and is looking forward to supplying them with all the tools they might need for future projects. PALS is proud to offer the Clean Campus Program to all Alabama school systems. Each participating school can nominate themselves for the State Award to be presented to first, second and third place winners at the Governor’s Awards program in November. The first place school will receive a $1,000 scholarship, 2nd place a $750 scholarship and 3rd place a $500 scholarship. Schools can enter a scrapbook of environmental activities. There is also an annual Poster and Essay Contest with the first place winner receiving $250 and an invitation to the Governor’s Awards.

If you are interested in having PALS come and introduce our Clean Campus Program to your school, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Mary Stanford is the Clean Campus Coordinator for PALS.