June 2016
Youth Matters

PALS: Ready, Set, Go!

Perry County Schools are pitching in to stop litter on campus with some friendly competition.

Robert C. Hatch School, Uniontown  

Led by the efforts of Reverend Eulas Kirtdoll, Perry County has decided to become litter free! It all began when Kirtdoll arranged a conference call with PALS and members of the Perry County School Board, county commission and other leaders. The schools immediately signed up to be a part of the Clean Campus Program and scheduled a day for me to come and do my program at each school.

John Heard, Perry County School Superintendent, was helpful in scheduling my tour of Perry County. First, I visited Robert C. Hatch School in Uniontown. The students and staff were fired up to begin their campus-wide anti-litter campaign. Deborah Rox and the student government are leading the way at Hatch to ensure success in the Clean Campus Program. I met with pre-K through 12th grade and found the same enthusiasm from the youngest all the way to the oldest students.

  Francis Marion School, Marion

The next stop on the tour was Francis Marion School in Marion. Due to time constraints, I was only able to meet with pre-K through fourth grade, but I found these kids to be just as thrilled and excited as their counterparts in Uniontown. These students kicked off their Clean Campus campaign by each picking up a piece of litter before they even left the auditorium! Under the direction of teacher Leslye Essex, Francis Marion is going to increase their goals for recycling as well as work on keeping their campus free from litter.

Both schools are so excited to be a part of the Clean Campus Program that we decided to have a contest between the two schools to see which one can clean and beautify their campus more! The schools will be sending PALS a report of how much they have collected as well as supporting pictures with before and after shots!

Marion Academy, Marion  

The final stop of my Perry County tour was Marion Academy. Teacher Ann LeCroy said that Marion Academy is small in number, but big on enthusiasm! They even want to join the Adopt-A-Mile program and adopt the mile right out in front of their school! They like to think of themselves as “small, but mighty!” We are so excited to have them be a part of the Clean Campus Program, too!

Congratulations to Perry County for their commitment to keep their schools and county litter free!

If your county or a school near you would like more information on the Clean Campus Program, just have them call me at 334-263-7737.

Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.