October 2014
Youth Matters

Pals: Going Green


Bluff Park Elementary School starts the year with a PALS visit.

Bluff Park Elementary School in Hoover kicked the school year off right by having Alabama PALS come do four programs in one day on littering and recycling. The students rotated through by grade and had a chance to learn more about how littering affects our environment and animals. They saw real-life pictures of how sea creatures can get caught in the trash and plastic that ends up in our waterways if we litter.

The students also learned practical ways in which they can reuse items, recycle more of their trash and reduce their carbon footprint. They asked questions and provided many examples of how they are already reusing items in their home and recycling at home and at school. The students were challenged to find one new way in which to reuse something in the coming weeks. Many of the students planned to challenge their parents to begin using reusable bags at the supermarket.

Bluff Park already is a leader in the green movement. They have their very own “Green Team” that spreads the word about littering and recycling around campus. Bluff Park has also partnered with Alabama PALS to “Adopt an Area” at their school. They have adopted their outdoor classroom and made a commitment to keep it clean and green for the 2014-2015 school year. At the direction of Nancy McGowin, the students of Bluff Park Elementary School have a very bright (and green!) future ahead.

If a school near you is interested in learning more about Alabama PALS’s Clean Campus Program, please have them contact me at 334-354-4214. We look forward to continuing our work around the state this school year educating and partnering for a litter-free state!

Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.