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AFC Board Member
Frank Sloan Retires

Prior to presenting him with a resolution of appreciation plaque before those gathered at the AFC annual meeting in Auburn, CEO Tommy Paulk quoted retiring AFC board member Frank Sloan, "Frank says that he started out with nothing and has still got most of it. That is how Frank Sloan summed it up. I think if you look at his life you will find a man that may not have a tremendous amount of monetary wealth but is very rich in other ways.

Frank Sloan (fourth from left) is surrounded by his family (from left) Michael Johnson, grandson; Susan Johnson, daughter; Barry Johnson, son-in-law; Stephen Johnson, grandson; Sarah Sloan, wife; Jack Sloan, son; Cathy Sloan, daughter-in-law, and Rebecca Sloan, granddaughter.

"Frank Sloan was born January 24, 1933, and grew up on his parent’s farm on Berry Mountain. There is where he grew to love farming and most of everything that went with it. After graduating Cleveland High School, he served in the Army during the Korean Conflict and was stationed in Germany. He married Sarah Faust on June 22, 1957. Frank worked as a machinist at American Cast Iron and Pipe Company and Sarah was employed with Eastern Airlines.

"They have one son Jack, who is a Breeder Field Representative with GoldKist in Bowdon, GA. Jack is married to the former Cathy Blakely and they have a 13-year-old daughter Rebecca. Cathy is employed part-time at Woodland Eye Clinic and Rebecca is in the 7th grade at Woodland High School.

"Frank and Sarah also have a daughter, Susan, who is married to Barry Johnson. They have two sons Michael, 22, and Stephen, 18. Susan is employed with Factory Connection and manages their Oneonta location. Her husband, Barry, is a garage foreman with Alabama Power Company in Birmingham. Michael is employed with CSX Railroad and Stephen is a senior at Cleveland High School where he is the Valedictorian.

"Frank bought his first farm in 1960 with a VA loan. He worked at ACIPCO while establishing his farm. He started farming full-time in 1971 with a commercial egg, cattle and custom haying operation.

"He has served as director, Vice-President and President of the Blount County Cattlemen’s Association and was on the Boards of Directors of the Federal Land Bank of Albertville, Production Credit Association and Blount County Farmers Federation. He has also served on the Hospital Board, County F.S.A. Committee and the Blount County Co-op Board."

"He received the Goodyear Award for Soil Conservation in 1982 and was chosen Blount County Father of the Year in 1983," stated his daughter, Susan Johnson. "The last award is one that he truly deserved and still does. He, along with my mother, have been the best parents anyone could have. They always supported us in everything we did and taught us not to be afraid of hard work. When we were younger, we would get aggravated when we couldn’t do all the things our friends were doing but they were instilling in us the priorities it takes to be successful and happy. We have tried to pass this on to our children and they have been a tremendous help in helping us raise our kids. Whenever possible, they are there to cheer on their grandkids in whatever activity they are participating in. We are truly blessed to have such great parents."

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