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Another Scientific Breakthrough
from BioLogic®

Planting food plots for whitetails is one of modern deer hunting’s hottest trends. Seeds, blends and food plot technologies are changing rapidly. New products not only increase the nutritional quality of the actual plants but increase to total amount of food per acre at critical times during the year. Today’s food plot seed blends produce high-performance, high-tech forages that are growing larger whitetails than ever before.

BioLogic®’s revolutionary new BioMaxx™ seed blend will soon be available in the spring of 2006. This new, warm-season food plot blend is a calculated mix of three varieties of Roundup Ready® soybeans and Roundup Ready® corn, each genetically improved to produce higher, weed-free yields of whitetails’ favorite foods!

No one has ever doubted the palatability and nutritional quality of soybeans and corn. Deer love them and can’t seem to stay away. Many food plot farmers hesitate to plant soybeans, because deer consume them so rapidly. And corn isn’t edible during the important summer months. BioLogic®’s research team discovered a method of planting beans and corn together that delivers an uninterrupted supply of forage from summer through early fall that is both extremely nutritious and attractive to deer. Even better, this revolutionary new blend uses Roundup Ready® technology to allow the planter to control weeds, which permits the fertilizer to be used only by the high quality forage plants.

The beans and corn also work together as a team to maximize the attractiveness of the plot. The corn helps shade the beans during hot weather, and the beans affix enough nitrogen in the soil to produce big ears of corn for fall consumption.

The most amazing thing about BioMaxx™ is that the plants can be sprayed with Roundup® 

after 20 days to eliminate weeds that usually interfere with growing a lush, healthy food plot. Then, when the soybeans drop their leaves in late summer, the weed-free understory is ready to be over-seeded with BioLogic® Maximum or Full Draw to produce a third crop of attractants by mid fall. With one planting of BioMaxx™ in the spring, you can deliver maximum nutrition, control weeds all summer, and produce a corn crop for the fall. Then, by over-seeding with BioLogic® Maximum or Full Draw, you can grow a third crop of cool season forage for the fall/winter hunting season. It’s simply the most scientifically advanced and attractive food plot imaginable.

Imagine having soybeans, corn and a cool season forage like Maximum or Full Draw in one food plot for maximum attractiveness all year long. Talk about confidence.

To find out more about these and other BioLogic® products, visit your local
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Date Last Updated January, 2006