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by Darrell Thompson

Getting Naked in Athens?

What a wonderful country we live in! Where else in the would can a local community have a problem and outside organizations from across the nation step in to help or at least tell the locals what they should do or should have done.

Such is the case recently in Limestone County. An eleven year old child was bitten by a chained pit bull and the owners of the dog planned to put it to sleep. A PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) official saw an online news report of the incident and responded to the Limestone County Commission asking that they consider a ban on chaining or tethering dogs. The commission was also sent copies of other cities’ ordinances banning such practices.

According to PETA, "chaining can make dogs aggressive because they are highly social pack animals who need companionship and room to run." With this bit of enlightenment, I realized that dogs must be of a much higher social order than we people. Just imagine if the PETA folks were in charge of our judicial and prison system and thought our criminals just needed "room to run" and all of their socially unacceptable problems would automatically straighten out over a period of time. Law abiding citizens would need to realize that they just need put up with robbing, raping and killing through this adjustment period and then things would be fine and our crime rate would bottom out.

If I had only understood this principle a few years ago, I probably wouldn’t have shot at the trio of dogs that had one of my newborn calves down and chewing on it. I would have understood that these dogs must have been recently chained and had not been free long enough for the aggressiveness to work out of their system. Two dead calves was a small price to pay for the rehabilitation of these mongrels.

With PETA, I can see the need for another law such as the "truth in lending" law. That law requires that all pertinent facts be disclosed by a lending institution to the borrower. I’m guessing that is what it says; I never read all that stuff. In PETA’s case, we need a "truth in naming yourself law." This law would require that an organization would be required to give themselves a name having something to do with the character or nature of the organization. This would cause them to drop the E for ethical. Unless I’m mistaken, ethical comes from ethics and that has something to do with integrity and a high moral code of conduct.

PETA makes contributions to other organizations such as the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF). These organizations may sound innocent enough but actions prove differently. In the past few years, ELF has claimed responsibility for burning houses under construction in places that they deemed that houses should not be built. ALF has also been proven to be behind the bombing of research buildings that used laboratory test animals in trying to find cures for diseases and develop medications that would benefit our human race. These "ethical" organizations have also made contributions for the legal defense of individuals carrying out these actions.

PETA frequently used nudity in their demonstrations to get their point across on a variety of issues including protesting the use of fur. Their use of nudity is so common that you would wonder what their main agenda is. Are they looking for an excuse to get naked or are they really interested in the treatment of animals. A recent poster protesting fur features Pamela Anderson obviously naked from the waist up. (It would probably only deserve a movie rating of PG-13.) It is interesting that MS Anderson’s famous barbed wire tattoo on her arm is not shown. Perhaps that would have portrayed a message that she was just a good ole farm girl who approves of cows being restrained by barbed wire fences.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a PETA household? If they are true believers in "ethical" treatment of all animals, there would be no mouse traps and poisons, no fly swatters or insecticides. I think that would make for a pretty interesting situation. By the way, internet sources estimate that about eighty percent of the animals that PETA rescues to save are executed by lethal injection by PETA.

Who knows what PETA has planned for Limestone County and Athens. They may be planning a naked protest wearing dog collars and chains. Maybe the local Co-op could co-sponsor the event with a sale on dog collars and chains and cook hamburgers and hotdogs.

Darrell Thompson is the manager of Lawrence County Exchange in Moulton.

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