February 2018
The Herb Lady

My Cellphone

Modern technology boggles my mind. My 2-year-old great-grandson handles it without any trouble.

I wonder how much money I have spent trying to find a cellphone I can operate.

Cellphones are actually a wonderful thing. I especially like to have one so I can quickly contact AAA if I have a flat tire away from home.

I think I got my first cellphone around 1995. It was so simple to use. It wouldn’t make pictures, of course, but it did what I needed it to do.

During the last three years, I’ve had several phones that had to be rubbed in exactly the correct manner in order to use them. I have wasted a good bit of money because I could not make them work.

Wonder of wonders – recently I found the perfect cellphone for me. I don’t have to rub it. The numerals are not tiny and easy for me to press. I personally think it was created with older people in mind.

Shortly after I received it, I took it to Sunday school for show and tell.

The lady in front of me said, "I’ve been trying to find a phone like that. Where did you get it?"

Of course, I gave her all the needed information.

Others keep asking me about it. For that reason I thought some of my readers would like to have the information, too. If so, you can call me.

A part of my problem is the fact that I go back to the days before electric lights. Yes, we had a telephone. It was mounted on the wall. Every family had a ring – not a number. The rings were something like one short and a long, three shorts, etc. Everyone could also listen in on anyone else talking on the line. There was no privacy, but who cared? It was good to have a telephone.

A wonderful woman we called "Miss Pearl" (and she was a pearl) had Central. In her house, there was an interesting piece of equipment with wires running every which way. If someone wanted to talk to a party who was not on their line or needed to make a long-distance call, Miss Pearl moved the wires to the perfect slot and the call went through.

On more than one occasion, I had the pleasure of watching this activity. When she answered the telephone, she always said, "Central," in a very precise manner.

There have been many changes in telephones during my lifetime. I had begun to think there was not a cellphone for me. Thankfully, there is one and I found it.

I’ll write about herbs next month.


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