December 2017
The Herb Lady

Herbal Sleep Aids

Since becoming a herbalist, I have had the privilege of speaking to many garden clubs and other organizations. A few years ago, I decided it was time to end that pleasure. Recently, I was invited to present a program to the Monroeville Garden Club.

I said to myself, "Go ahead, Nadine, do this one more time."

And I did.

My granddaughter, Jennifer, accompanied me to Monroeville, a lovely little town situated in Alabama’s Black Belt region. As we were entering the building where this event was being held, something in my right hip went "BING!"

I had severe pain when I put my weight on my right side. With the assistance of Jennifer and some of the club members, we managed to get me inside.

The members insisted they enjoyed my presentation. However, I felt it was just not up to my usual standard. Due to this "BING," I, like Elvis, was "All Shook Up." For instance, one lady asked me was there an herb that would help with sleep. I do not feel like I gave her a proper answer. That is what triggered this column.

Insomnia is a common problem among the older generation. It’s not always easy to find a solution. However, some people gain benefit from taking a mixture of valerian, passion flower, hops and maybe other herbs.

In one of my well-worn herb books, I found an excellent listing of herbs that aid in sleep. Here’s their list: catnip, chaparral, dandelion, dong quai, hawthorn, hops, lobelia, mullein, passion flower, peach, peppermint, primrose, red clover, skullcap, squaw vine, taheebo, valerian and yarrow. The author had highlighted hops, lobelia, passion flower, skullcap and valerian. This indicated that these herbs are the most beneficial.

Melatonin is another natural product that has helped many people to sleep.

My "BINGED" hip has improved daily and is now practically back to normal. I began to write this column several days ago.

Yesterday, my older son, Richard, and I attended an annual gathering at the Salem church and cemetery, located between Troy and Montgomery. My late husband has ancestors buried there. Regular services are no longer held at this historic church. As we sat talking, I explained how and when I had injured my hip, causing me to be using a walking cane.

One of the ladies spoke up and said, "I am a member of America’s oldest garden club and we would love to have you come to present a program."

I began to explain that I could only go if a child took me and I don’t like to ask them for too much.

Before I finished this remark, Richard said, "We will get you there."

So I am now scheduled to speak to one more garden club. It will be a great privilege to speak to our nation’s oldest garden club.

Of course, as always, check with your physician before taking herbs and/or alternatives.


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