October 2017
Youth Matters

PALS: Starting off on the Right Track

Marbury High School rallies to take on litter.


Marbury High School

Alabama PALS would like to welcome Marbury High School to the Clean Campus Program! MHS Principal Mrs. Donna Finch has been instrumental in rallying her students in the antilitter movement. She recently invited me to speak to the student body of nearly 600 students to share some littering information and encouragement as they kicked off the new school year.

The students were told that half of all litter is accidental and much of that in Alabama comes from truck beds. Because many of the students are driving, we really discussed the importance of containing the litter in their vehicles.

I also stressed the fact that there is power in numbers … both in a positive and negative way. With so many students, they have a real opportunity to be litter-free leaders in their community!

Autauga County’s Solid Waste Officer John-Paul O’Driscoll has been working diligently to bring all schools onboard with the Clean Campus Program this year; he also spoke at the assembly. O’Driscoll shared with the students their recycling numbers from the past few years and additionally left a no-littering pledge at the school for all of the students to sign.

County Commissioner Jay Thompson was also given time to speak and encouraged the students to keep their campus clean.

These students should be ready to start the school year on the right track!

Is there a school near you that could benefit from hearing the Clean Campus message? Please visit our website at www.alpals.org to learn more! The Clean Campus Program is FREE to all Alabama public, private and county schools. Schools may sign up for the Clean Campus Program online or by calling 334-263-7737.


Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.