May 2017
Youth Matters

PALS: Making a Difference in Madison County

Moore’s Mill Intermediate School learns about the dangers of litter.


Moore’s Mill Intermediate School in Madison County is the latest addition to the Clean Campus Program. At the direction of teacher Kayla Miller, the fourth-graders at Moore’s Mill will be heading up the Clean Campus efforts.

I recently went to speak to the students of Moore’s Mill to teach them about the ills of littering in our state. We discussed that litter not only looks terrible but it can have an impact on our furry and feathered friends, too! Sea animals can get caught up in litter and plastic dumped into our waterways. Both land and sea animals can get very sick from eating litter, too. We discussed that it is not a good idea to throw food out on the side of the road because it makes animals come too close to fast-moving traffic. The bottom line is that our behaviors have an impact on everyone and everything around us.

I challenged the students to look and notice litter in their everyday lives. I encouraged them to promote litter prevention with their friends and families. We also talked about organizing cleanup days in areas such as parks that might need a little extra help.

PALS is so excited to have Moore’s Mill on board with the Clean Campus Program.

Could a school near you benefit from hearing the antilitter message? If so, please have them call me at 334-263-7737 or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a presentation. The Clean Campus Program is FREE to all Alabama public, private and county schools. Schools may sign up for the Clean Campus Program online at


Jamie Mitchell is the PALS State Clean Campus Coordinator.