August 2013
Youth Matters

Lakewood Primary Pledges to Reuse, Renew and Recycle


Teaching young students the skills and values of active environmental citizenship is a very important component of education. Mrs. Sparks, principal of Lakewood Primary School, and Mrs. Hall, kindergarten teacher, invited me to speak with their students about People Against A Littered State. PALS partnered with Lakewood Primary School, which includes kindergarten and first grade.

The students were ready to learn about being good stewards of their school and community environment. They were enthusiastic as I engaged them in several skits about littering and their environment.

The students took on the challenge and submitted beautiful posters. In addition to that they took a pledge to take care of their school and their environment by promising to use the 3Rs: Reuse ... Renew ... Recycle.


Mary Mitchell Stanford is the PALS State Clean Campus coordinator.