May 2017
The Herb Farm

Alabama Grown is Just the Wright Thing to Do

Back at the end of March, I decided to take a road trip over to Dallas and Chilton counties. It was about time I stepped off the Herb Farm to find out how the rest of Alabama was growing their spring crops.

I made two stops on my adventure. The first stop was at an established farm and CSA in Chilton County, and I’ll tell you more about that exciting place in another installment.

The second stop was in Dallas County to a community called Plantersville. I must say, they don’t call it that for nothing. Good stuff from Alabama grows there. Plants!

The town was first known as Corinth; for what reason, I do not know. Plantersville was named for the cotton planters and plantations in the area – according to the wisdomers of Wikipedia anyway.

That day, I popped in to see my friends at Wright’s Nursery & Greenhouse because it had been too long since the last visit.

It is the middle of their production time and I knew they would be busy, so careful respect to the ongoing production process was honored. Of course, as usual, they welcomed me and gave me the grand tour to show off the cool new plants they were growing.

Wright’s Greenhouse & Nursery has a story I enjoy telling.

According to David Wright, my friend that I first met with the company nearly 20 years ago, the business started in 1966. That was the year he lost his right arm in a farming accident.

David was 14 years old. His father asked him what he wanted to do. David suggested, "Why don’t we build a greenhouse?" That idea was realized and then the family business was launched.


Clockwise from top left, after the seed flats are removed from the germination chamber, they are placed on movable tables until the plants are ready for the next size pot. Davy Wright explains how large some of the sun coleus leaves will get. Automated mister or mister automation? Either way, this device provides water and fertilizer in a timely fashion. Davy Wright explains how hanging baskets are suspended above moveable tables to maximize space.


I asked David what kind of growing medium (dirt) they started with. He said they went out to the woods and just dug dirt.

Times have certainly changed for the Wrights and certainly for the greenhouse industry. Nowadays, growing medium is purchased according to the type of plants you are growing, as well as the type of watering and nutrition injection system you have.

David is the second generation nurseryman at the business. He attributes the success of Wright’s Nursery (as it’s called commonly among business associates and friends) to the fact that he lost his arm.

In fact, he told me, if he hadn’t had that accident when he was just a teenager, the business would most likely not exist.

David graduated from Auburn University with a degree in agriculture, as did his lovely wife Martha.

David said, if he hadn’t lost his arm, he never would have attended Auburn, never would have met Martha, never would have had the business ….

David and Martha met at Auburn, graduated with the same degree and are the same age with the same birthday!

Their son Davy holds the reins at the nursery now. He and his lovely wife Heather graduated from Auburn. Davy has a degree in agriculture and Heather is degreed in business administration.

Sounds like a perfect match to me.

Davy and Heather have two children, Abby and Noah, who, after school, take an active part in the day-to-day operations and will hopefully continue operating this valuable asset to our state when the baton is passed.

Wright’s Greenhouse & Nursery produces some of the finest plants you can buy. But you have to shop for them at independent retail outlets, because you’ll never find them at the bigger stores.

I asked Davy the other day what his nursery is best known for growing. He said they are mostly known for producing the best quality plants of any cultivar they grow.

They grow mostly bedding plants in cell packs, but they also grow selected varieties in 3-4 inch pots for folks who may not want to wait for a cell-pack plant to grow up.

Wright’s grows everything from small bedding-plant annuals to gallon-size perennial flowers and vegetables.

If you find a plant with the label "Alabama Grown," then it is produced by the folks at Wright’s Nursery.

Although Wright’s Greenhouse & Nursery is a completely wholesale operation, the regular consumer can purchase the same quality plants directly from them.

Go to and browse the fine selection of plants available today.

Life’s good! Enjoy it. Gardening’s good! Do it.

Eat your yard! I eat mine.


Until next time, remember to watch your salt and sugar, drink plenty of pure water, and breathe in and out!

Thanks for reading!

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